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Excellent patient care is our first priority and we focus on patient-involved treatment planning. We will help you understand the options and guide you to the treatment which best fits your needs. We take pride in building healthy, fun, and lifelong relationships with our patients. Please take a moment to watch a brief video introduction to our practice.

This a new practice for me as I have moved, the staff was very welcoming and made for a great 1st impression and dental visit!
Michaela Childress
21:38 18 Jan 18
First time here. Staff was very welcoming and extremely nice!! Excellent work!!
Juana Tovar
18:59 14 Dec 17
Best dentist I've seen, everyone is super friendly. Michelle and Dr. Davies have great bed side manners and seemed very informed and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Riverway!
Kyle Westermann
20:49 16 Nov 17
My first visit to Riverway Family Dental was outstanding. Every person I encountered, from the "hello" greeting as I barely accessed the door to the hygienist staff to Dr. Jeffrey, was welcoming, kind, and professional. And they seem like a fun bunch. I had neglected my oral health for awhile and had felt a bit embarrassed about allowing that to happen. The team at RFD reassured me and eased my angst (and guilt) while allowing me to focus on moving forward to get my oral health back on track. Great team, great environment, great experience. Special kudos to Jen and Sara!
Jim Williams
00:03 09 Nov 17
We recently moved back home to Wenatchee. We did not have a dentist. I cracked a tooth. Dr. Jeffrey and his team had me come in immediately and they fixed my tooth the same day. They have an awesome team of highly skilled dental professionals! All of them made me feel welcome and that they truly cared about treating my broken tooth. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey and his team!
Joe Holeman
14:30 01 Oct 17
Very professional and, almost more importantly, very personable and friendly. Made what I thought was going to be an uncomfortable experience quite the opposite.
Mark Peters
02:41 25 Aug 17
In the past I've had really negative experiences with dentists, but Riverway is the best experience I've ever had. I have a hard time with anesthetics and I also have TMJ. The dentists I've worked with in the past haven't been able to numb me properly without using "enough Novocaine to sedate a horse" - and I always end up starting to feel it halfway through. And one even badly dislocated my jaw even after I told them what they were doing was hurting me, causing me to need two surgeries. I also have a phobia of needles. Dr. Davies makes me wonder what the rest of the dentists I've seen were even doing. Why did they have such a hard time? His staff is super nice and great at their jobs, and I'm always greeted warmly when I arrive. It's always really easy to get an appointment. Dr Davies and his hygienists are personable and fun to talk to. But most important, my cleanings and fillings don't hurt, they are able to numb me completely and effectively for the entire filling process (seriously, this is a miracle), and Dr Davies' injections don't hurt at all and are slowly chipping away at my fear of needles. They've also worked with me on my jaw issues and use a child-sized spacer to keep my mouth open, which is more frustrating for them I'm sure but reduces my discomfort significantly. Overall: They are nice, good at their jobs, excellent listeners, and easy to book with. Highly recommended.
Hillary Schwirtlich
19:31 09 Aug 17
I have been with them for years, and it is a very comfortable atmosphere, with very competent, caring dentists and staff.
Dan Goodfellow
03:03 09 Aug 17
Dr. Jeffery and the staff at Riverway Family Dental are top notch. They take care of their patients 100% and have always made me feel comfortable, even on the tougher visits. They have a heart and seriously care. I highly recommend them!
Debbi Phipps
16:27 31 May 17
First time going. Loved the staff and how comfortable they made me feel. All very polite. Overall great team!
Teresa Garcia
03:35 11 May 17
Riverview Family Dental is a warm and friendly dental office with state of the art technology. We moved to the Wenatchee area permanently last year and were thrilled to have finally found a dentist, Dr. Jeffery and his staff are great. Thank you, Richard and Dana Bowman
Richard Bowman
14:25 05 May 17
Great place, very clean facility, friendly stuff, good customer service they greeter by the name when I arrived to my appointment that right there!!! Made my day!!! Thank you guys!!!!
Marco Silva
15:43 24 Apr 17
Great dentistry. Friendly and professional staff made for a pleasant experience. Teeth feel great as well!
Craig Smith
21:01 12 Mar 17
Great place! They work to make sure you are comfortable and they take pride in there guests! Remembered my name when I walked in the door and it was only my second visit!
Nathan Clodfelder
18:33 22 Feb 17
My coworker recommended this place and I was doubtful because it's new but I got lucky - it's been awesome so far! The receptionists are very warm, welcoming and send lots of reminders if you're that type who forgets easily. I have horrible teeth that I'm embarrassed about but Dr. Davies and his staff made me feel so welcome. They explain everything they are doing and why they are doing it and ways that I can improve my teeth. Lots of new technology to find out 'problem' areas before they get too much of a problem.
Juya Ghanaie
04:47 01 Dec 16

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Why Choose Riverway Family Dental as Your Wenatchee Dentist?

Wenatchee Dentist, dr jeffery, Central Washington

Patient-Involved Treatment Planning

We focus on patient-involved treatment planning and always help our patients understand the options in order to be guided to the treatment that best fits their needs. We communicate clearly with our patients at every stage of the treatment process to ensure clarity and peace of mind. Excellent patient care is our first priority, and we take pride in building healthy, fun, and lifelong relationships with our patients.

Wenatchee Dentist, dr jeffery, Central Washington

Comfortable and Convenient

Since we have at least three hygienists working at once, we generally can see entire families together to maximize the efficiency of any one visit, getting the family in and out conveniently for regular cleaning appointments. We offer many comforts to make your visit more pleasant, including blankets, iPods, music, glasses, and much more.

Wenatchee Dentist, dr jeffery, Central Washington

State-of-the-Art Services in a Family Friendly Setting

Riverway Family Dental doctors and team provide state-of-the-art services in a comfortable and family-friendly practice. Our office is modern yet warm, and provides a beautiful and serene setting. We understand that visiting the dentist can be a difficult experience. We try to relieve as much tension as possible with our friendly atmosphere.

Wenatchee Dentist, dr jeffery, Central Washington

Preventative, Corrective, and Cosmetic Dentistry

Our office specializes in preventive and corrective dentistry for children and adults.  This includes crowns and veneers, implants and restorations, treatment for TMJ, snoring and sleep apnea, as well as all types of cosmetic and general dentistry. We recommend regular visits to our office in order to ensure a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles and we look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

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